About us

Studio Relaxace deals with adult education since 1996.

At present we specialize mainly in seminars art therapy relaxation techniques, dance movement therapy courses and organizing seminars and conferences for the general public. Our education technique is based on years of practical experience and allows users to combine traditional approaches with modern knowledge.

Principles we build on

  • interconnect to the extent possible theoretical knowledge with practical experience
  • support the holistic development of personality
  • consciously work with energy and rhythm, emotions and thoughts
  • Education helps the natural and human way that emphasizes the personal experience and the experience
  • we focus on trust

What can they get involved?

  • broader focus in their lives
  • identify stressors in their environment
  • recognizing the influence of stress on mental and physical aspects of human
  • use of relaxation and mental hygiene to induce internal balance

Expert Guarantee:

Studio works with other consulting firms and educational institutions that are accredited by the Ministry of Education and was granted accreditation of the Ministry of Education to implement educational programs and issue certificates of completion.

From 2011 worked with the Center Pedagogiczne dla Polskiego Szkolnictwa Narodowosciowego Cesky Cieszyn, which received accreditation for painting encaustic č.25604/2010 - 25-611

From 2011 worked with the Regional facilities for further training of teachers and Information Centre, New Jicin, an organization which has obtained accreditation for painting No. encaustic 32662/2010-25-747

Our teachers are experts in the field and have extensive experience with independent leadership in adult education.